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We understand that as a parent, your child is undoubtedly the most important part of your life. We also understand that your child’s medical care is of the greatest importance to you. We strive to maintain a high quality of service, and as a pediatric office, we hold ourselves to a different set of standards.

Our goal is not only to be available to meet the needs of your family, on your schedule, but to take a vested interest in both you and your child.

When making appointments at our office, you are always free to choose which doctor you would like to see within the limits of the scheduling. Whenever one doctor is not in the office, another doctor will see all the patients who need to be seen.

Patients are seen by appointment only, however, if you have an emergency, please call and we will instruct you on how to proceed. We strive to see all children that need to be seen before we close each day.

Welcome to Palouse Psychiatry & Behavioral Health.

Pullman Regional Clinic Network, LLC is a strong and vital partner in the provision of mental health services with a focus on psychiatric evaluation and treatment for adults, adolescents and children living in Whitman County and the Palouse region.

We are dedicated to the treatment of psychiatric conditions safely, professionally, and confidentially in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Symptoms of psychiatric illness are not a sign of inner weakness. People can be treated and resume productive, healthy lives.

To schedule an appointment or obtain further information about our services, please contact us at (509) 339-2394 or click here.

We offer simple, same-day scheduling to make it easier for you to be seen when you need to. It is our intent to provide you with easy access to compassionate care. You can request an appointment by calling (509) 332-3548 or click here.

Our staff are dedicated to high quality, affordable, evidence-based healthcare and understand what it means to have a family doctor. Today’s healthcare system is full of obstacles and we are here to help you navigate them by providing you a partner in your healthcare decision making that you can trust.

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